Volumetric Sensor + Filter


  • The NSL1 Sensor monitors culverts and dumps arranged in urban centers, creating integration between the physical world and the management system.
  • The NSL1 Sensor informs the management system its coordinate location, fill status, battery status, theft alerts, flood alerts and system failure alerts.
  • Each NSL1 Sensor unit is identified by a 32 digit serial number generated in the programming stage of the internal control system.
  • In the Manager interface it is possible to observe the points monitored on the map.


  • Wide access and control of all the waste that accumulates in the filters.
  • Revolution and innovation of the waste tracking model, using the technological resources of sensors, smartphones, geolocation, dynamic signaling, solar panels, online monitoring platform, etc.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information of the location and the capacity of the filter, through internet, application and street signaling, where managers realize which culverts needs immediate collection.
  • Easy availability of the information needed to keep the culverts and dumps free of the possibility of overfilling.

NSL1 Sensor

  • The system is robust, encapsulated in epoxy resin which makes the airtight circuit, waterproof and protected from the elements.
  • The system has CPU, sensor block, data transmission block, battery system and antenna.
  • The system is autonomous, configurable remotely and practically free of maintenance.
  • The battery is lithium, rechargeable with the duration of at least 12 months in continuous operation.
  • The battery module is easy to replace.

Filter + Sensor NSL1

  • The NSL1 Sensor remains inactive in hibernation to save battery power.
  • The Sensor is activated by an internal wakeup timer controlled by the remote configuration that is sent through the Manager. When activated, the NSL1 Sensor will read the inside of the filter.
  • The reading frequency must be set according to the local monitoring needs.
  • To avoid erroneous readings, the Sensor NSL1 interprets filling intervals defined by reading “flags”.
  • These read flags must be configured for each sensor group through the Manager and determine the fill levels for which the NSL1 Sensor must return alerts to the Manager.

Volumetric sensor for dumps of the container type:

  • Optical sensor that informs the filling level in real time.
  • Intelligent and punctual collection.
  • Online interactive platform.