Solid Waste

The daily production of garbage is a serious problem for large Brazilian cities. Although the collection system has undergone considerable improvements in recent years, such as selective collection, for example, it is often inefficient. The result is the frequent accumulation of non-degradable waste in inappropriate places, such as culverts and storm drain.

The clogging of the drainage ducts decreases  the rainwater flow, causing flooding. When they do not stop at the manholes, which are part of the city´s sewage network, these garbage is taken to streams and rivers, polluting them and facilitating the overflow of the waters in times of floods.

Although part of this pollution is due to irregular sewage and non-full sewage treatment, street litter is also largely responsible for the degradation of streams and rivers.

Polluted rivers and floods cause damage to the population and traffic, compromising housing and even risks to the life of citizens.